We’ve been angling since childhood at Boost and have been involved in carp fishing specifically since the late eighties. Whilst we’ve always had our hands in a bait mixer, over the last twenty years we’ve also been heavily involved in online angling publications, tackle sales, and for more than a decade have been involved in fisheries management; acquiring and developing our own carp fisheries and syndicate waters. It’s safe to say that in all this time we’ve seen almost every fad come and go… and in many cases, come back again! However the basics of watercraft remain the same – put a quality bait in the right place at the right time and you’ll have as good a chance as any.Our ethos at Boost is to cut away at all the nonsense and concentrate on the basics. Our baits are designed to catch fish – not anglers. As Public Enemy put it… don’t believe the hype. We take immense pride in our work. Every hookbait is hand rolled in the UK by anglers passionate about bait. We have a simple ethos at Boost – if we would not be happy to fish with it ourselves, it does not go out of the door!As well as our massive range of hookbaits we can also make custom mixes to suit your requirements so if you don’t see what you want, don’t be shy… give us a shout!