Hydro Liver Goes Down a Storm!

Boost Team members Darren Ferns & Carl Lockett took a trip down to Linear Fisheries at the weekend on the hunt for some winter action. The lakes were rammed on arrival and with no free swims on Brasenose One, and with light fading, they decided to jump on Brasenose Two with a view finding the fish and some decent swims the following day. After a good look round the lake the following day a move was made and a plan was hatched. Fish had been spotted at distance so the plan was to spod out some of our new Milky Liver Spod Mix along with our new Milky Liver Liquid Food and Krill & Vanilla Mixed Pellets, fishing hookbaits over the top.

With Storm Ciara already making her presence felt it was tricky hitting distance, but persistence paid off and a few hours later all areas were baited up and the lads sat back to watch the water as the afternoon faded into evening. Daz explained “It wasn’t long before we started to see action in the vicinity of our baited spots, having never fished the water before it was mad to start seeing fish crashing over the bait in early February, but they were, and we were mega confident.”

Winter gold… 31lb 8oz Brasenose Chunk the best of three on the Liver

The fish soon followed with Daz taking three big mirrors topped by a stunning 31lb 8oz specimen – all taken on our yellow Hydro Liver pop ups fished stick style with Krill soaked and Vanilla coated pellets, all dipped in Hydro Liver Dip. Carl tried a slightly different approach fishing Hydro Liver pop ups on one rod, which got a take but unfortunately resulted in a lost fish, however a worm hookbait on the other (all fished over our spod and pellet mix) resulted in a cracking 23lb 4oz mirror.

23lb 4oz Mirror on live worm hookbaits over Boost Spod Mix

Despite a cracking start the session was brought to a premature end “the fish were all over the bait with three banked and one lost overnight and we were well confident for more throughout the Sunday, but just after first light we were told they were closing the fishery due to the storm and we had to be off in an hour!! It was mental having to pack up with fish on the bait but we had to be happy with the result we’d had in such a short time” explained Daz.

There’s always next time lads… Viva La Liver! ??

Boost Products used; Hydro Liver Pop Ups, Hydro Liver Dip, Milky Liver Spod Mix, Krill & Vanilla Pellets, Boost Liquid Foods, Boost PVA Rig Foam.