Squid Squad… The Smelly Triple Threat!

It’s been a ‘5-second warning’ day in the unit today, basically meaning that when we get home tonight we’ll have about 5 seconds before our loved ones go full-on deep end about the smell of our clothes, which can only mean one thing – we’ve been rolling our epic Squid & Octopus hookbaits!

Subtle, they ain’t… In fact, they are one of the most pungent baits we make, bringing a triple threat of squid, squid and more squid to the rolling table! First we start off with our epic old school Squid & Octopus flavour, then we add a huge dollop of Hydro Squid Liquid (made from whole squid), and to that we add our insane natural Powdered Squid Extract, a super smelly, super soluble attractor.

Once rolled and air dried we then soak them in a small amount of flavour and more powdered squid extract. The result is a full on squid-tastic assault on the senses; ideal for cold water conditions when fishing singles, or when using mini stick mixes. Available in Fluro Pink, Yellow and Ice White from our online shop. ?