Chinese Whispers…

Pssst… got any of that Chinese spice mix mate!? It’s getting harder to keep this little puppy under wraps as it’s been creating a bit of a stir amongst those who’ve been given some to play with! One of our soon to be released HNV Mini Critter bag mixes, the Chinese River Shrimp is the […]

Liver La Vida Loca!

At this time of year our Liquid Liver pop ups are always close to hand. They’ve become a ‘go to’ bait for many of our team thanks to their ability to offer consistent results whether fished over beds of bait or cast as singles. The amount of fish we’ve had during 2019 within minutes of […]

Play Misty For Me!

Well it looks like the milder weather over the last week or so has got you all out and about, especially if the increase in our orders is anything to go by! We’ve not managed to get out ourselves yet due to all the new products we’re working on but it has been looking distinctly […]

Restoration Corner…

When we’re not rolling hookbaits or fishing we have to find something to do on those long winter nights… so we’ve taken to restoring a bit of old school vintage carp tackle. We’ve been busy restoring several old bits of gear including these original Delkim converted Optonics. We picked these up last year from a […]

Old School Cool… Dairy Cream

In may be blowing a gale outside but it’s warm and toasty in the unit and with a new batch of hand rolled Fluoro Yellow Dairy Cream fresh off the rolling tables the air is filled with dreamy milk-tastic aromas! Still one of our best sellers and a classic old school favourite! Get them while […]